Born and raised in South Florida, Rebecca Barba is a first generation Cuban-American.

Since the tender age of 3, Rebecca showed signs of creativity. Throughout her early education, she excelled in her art courses, receiving accolades in both school and community-sponsored art competitions. Rebecca earned a Minor in Visual Arts from Florida International University in 1995.

In 2007, she was fortunate to meet and be inspired by visual artist, Pablo Contrisciani, he helped un-lock her expressionistic style. As an artist, her style has evolved through the years, mastering mediums such as: pencil, charcoals, watercolors, pastels and acrylics. Her most recent creations are interpretations of moments in the artist’s life expressed in passionate energized brush strokes of captivating hues. These are appropriately called, “Art of Life By Rebecca B.” A collection of paintings derived from the experiences in the artist’s life; life is what inspires her!

Artist statement

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy my virtual gallery and connect with one of my creations! My passion is creating art, inspired by moments in my life and all that surrounds me globally!

My mantra’s core stems from the belief that the most magical moments begin with a white canvas. From the first paint stroke, application of gesso, or which-ever medium you are using brushes up against the surface of the paper or canvas, art-work is conceived, after that there are limitless possibilities of what it can and will become.

Creativity doesn’t occur on command; it’s often stimulated by the experiences surrounding one such as: time, economic state, geo-political realities and the day-to-day life we live surrounded by family and friends.

Seeing a painting should leave you marveling at the colors and textures and allow you to block all other distractions to create a stimulating escape. . Most importantly, for me it’s about sharing my interpretation of life with the world!

It is my mission to ensure you can feel my emotion pre and post creating the work when you view my galleries. My work embodies escape within reality, powerful colors and movement symbolizing the influences around me.

Growing up in Miami with the luscious greenery, world’s best beaches, wild-nightlife, delicious restaurants and a great foundation of family & friends have all contributed to my artistic awakening.

Like the legendary rock band Rush said, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” Unlocking my inner artist has been a life-long journey I will continue to explore, excited about the unknown future ahead! I am proud to share a part of me with all of you.

Thanks Mom & Dad for all you helped me become, your unconditional love, support and stability!


“We enjoy our B &G Love more with every passing day and continue to receive compliments on your artistic vision. The cool thing about B&G that it totally changes and transforms based on the lighting, time of day, angle, etc. It’s amazing. We keep discovering new layers, dimensions and features each time we walk by. The painting is brilliant - and a touching representation of our girls. Thanks again for the thought and love that went into this piece!” -- Collector Miami Shores, Florida.

“Our painting brings joy to our home, and every day we fall deeper in love with it.” -- Los Angeles, Califorinia.