My Artistic Journey…

Creativity doesn’t occur on command; it’s often stimulated by the experiences surrounding one such as: time or the lack of it, geo-political realities, and the day-to-day life, of which I am blessed to live surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends.

My Passion!

My passion is creating art, inspired by moments in my life and all that surrounds me globally!

My mantra’s core stems from the belief that the most magical moments begin with a white canvas. From the first paint stroke, application of gesso, or which-ever medium you are using brushes up against the surface of the paper or canvas, art-work is conceived, after that there are limitless possibilities of what it can and will become.

Releasing my creative expression

Seeing a painting should leave you marveling at the colors and textures and allow you to block all other distractions to create a stimulating escape. . Most importantly, for me it’s about sharing my interpretation of life with the world!

Want to know more about Rebecca?

Artist Statement, Biography and CV can be viewed or download using the link  below.

My Mission

It is my mission to ensure you can feel the emotions pre and during the creation of my artwork when you view the galleries. My work embodies escape within reality, powerful colors and movement symbolizing the influences around me and the vibrancy I feel when I am soley focused lost in the love of creating.

Growing up in Miami, luscious greenery, the world’s best beaches, wild-nightlife, culinary delights and a great foundation of family & friends have all contributed to my artistic awakening.

Like the legendary rock band Rush said, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” Unlocking my inner artist has been a life-long journey I will continue to explore, excited about the unknown future! I am proud to share a part of me with you.

Thanks Mom & Dad for all you helped me become, your unconditional love, support and stability!

This photo of me using SPRAY PAINT for the first time courtesy of the amazing opportunity to learn from a living Master @FinDac  

I was an assistant for a few days… 90×45 foot mural on a rooftop in Wynwood…  Wild Rose

The highlight of my artistic journey thus far!

My art, your wall!

Whether you are a seasoned or first-time collector, I’d be happy to work together with you to create unique work that commemorates your vision through my vivid colors and passionate brush strokes.

Art is

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunties allowing me to spin in harmony with the universe growing as I follow my artistic journey.  I am grateful to share with you and the Universe my creations which are interpretations of moments in my life.

Stay connected!

Our clients words

  • “Our commissioned painting is the featured artwork in our house, we need to commission a new painting to incorporate our newest family member.”

    Collector, Los Angeles, California Art Owner
  • “We are totally enjoying our painting, I cannot count how many compliments we’ve received on our commission piece. The painting seems to evolve every day. We love it more and more, there is so much dimension and emotion. Thank you again for the amazing work.”

    Collector, North Miami, Florida Art Owner
  • “We were celebrating a family milestone and wanted something special to memorialize it. We thought what could be more fun than a piece of art?! The commissioned painting Rebecca created for us expresses who we are with color and movement perfectly. More so than words ever could have. She took the time to understand our vision and captured a wonderful moment in time for our family. We will cherish it always.”  

    Collector, Dallas, Texas Collector
  • “ I was fortunate to acquire one of Rebecca’s original paintings via an charity art auction. From the onset, the piece moved me, after hearing more about what inspired the painting I had to have it!”

    Collector, Los Angeles, California test
  • “We connect with Rebecca’s work, specifically, her Safari inspired series moved us to purchase a couple of reproductions (print on paper ) from that series.”

    Collector, Chicago, Illinois
  • “The original painting is a focal point in my office, it’s the perfect blend of energy and color to provide a restful and positive vibe for my clients.”

    Collector, Downtown, Miami
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