Electric Feel

Acrylic on Canvas

Painting inspired by a photo that was taken of the majestic electric blue reflection in the water underneath the Santa Monica pier complimented by the alignment of the electric Ferris wheel lights glowing in the dark moon-lit sky.

The painting symbolizes the fantastic time with great friends from California including the ones who introduced me to the great music of the band, MGMT and one of their many amazing songs, “Electric Feel.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmZexg8sxyk

This trip to California was the second within a few months. Organically, this lead to the timing of the electric –looking photo being captured rhythmically on beat with my new-found obsession with the song, “Electric Feel.” The inner rhythm of my soul had been evoked because of this song hence, my visually interpretation on canvas.

This painting was brought to life at a live painting event at Iron Flower Fitness in Miami’s Mimo District, November 2010

Art is

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunties allowing me to spin in harmony with the universe growing as I follow my artistic journey.  I am grateful to share with you and the Universe my creations which are interpretations of moments in my life.

My heart, your wall

Whether you are an seasoned collector or a first time buyer, there is nothing that can provide the same joy as knowing you are the only person that has the original piece of art. The same can be said about commissioned artwork in which you, the buyer dictates the subject and muse for the painting and sometimes even the colors. It’s a pleasure for me to bring to life your interpretation of amazing moments captured by.

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