The Finish Line?

Acrylic on Canvas

Is the finish line really just the beginning? I’d say so, that’s my hypothesis. This painting represents the beginning of the rest of one’s life! This symbolic statement represents much more about what is to come rather than the completion of the half-marathon itself. That pivotal moment crossing the finish line at the 2012 Miami ING, I unleashed, my marathon of life!!

The finish line is the beginning. My intent was to capture the energy I was feeling as I crossed the finish line of my first ½ marathon. I can attest to the thing people call the “runners high” some thing occurs after your 5th mile into the race, it’s no longer a about the run but rather talking oneself through the mental challenge. At this point the memories and dreams mixed with the serotonin your body is releasing cause you to feel many wonderful emotions.

Is there ever an end, you may ask? I believe that in life one must reach for dreams that may seem to be out of reach… those who never settle are the ones that live the most full and fulfilling life… A healthy mind continues to be challenged and disrupted every day, this is the key to a youthful life. Once we lose the spark of wanting to cross that finish line on a regular basis we lose ourselves. I think I may have lived previous lives but I can’t be sure of how many more I have to come, therefore I will enjoy this life to the fullest! The finish line is my beginning!!!

Art is

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunties allowing me to spin in harmony with the universe growing as I follow my artistic journey.  I am grateful to share with you and the Universe my creations which are interpretations of moments in my life.

My heart, your wall

Whether you are an seasoned collector or a first time buyer, there is nothing that can provide the same joy as knowing you are the only person that has the original piece of art. The same can be said about commissioned artwork in which you, the buyer dictates the subject and muse for the painting and sometimes even the colors. It’s a pleasure for me to bring to life your interpretation of amazing moments captured by.

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