Soulful Vibrations

Acrylic on Canvas • 30 x 40

This painting was conceived during the July 2013 Soul Fest at The Stage, in Wynwood. The magical rhythms created by the band provided the perfect inspiration that influenced my creation.

The power of music cannot be overlooked. Music plays a huge role in my every day life and an even bigger role when I am creating. Listening to the right music sets my soul free, and allows my mind to slip into a trance while focusing on the feelings each beat represents. It is at this point when the rythms translate into brush strokes placed onto the canvas.

The color spectrum in motion represented in the painting is reflective of the sounds from that night.

My color pallet of life projects happiness, love and peace.

Art is

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunties allowing me to spin in harmony with the universe growing as I follow my artistic journey.  I am grateful to share with you and the Universe my creations which are interpretations of moments in my life.

My heart, your wall

Whether you are an seasoned collector or a first time buyer, there is nothing that can provide the same joy as knowing you are the only person that has the original piece of art. The same can be said about commissioned artwork in which you, the buyer dictates the subject and muse for the painting and sometimes even the colors. It’s a pleasure for me to bring to life your interpretation of amazing moments captured by.

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